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Capability Mapping with Ric Merrifield

Dave Prior Senior Consultant/CST-CRM Specialist
Reading: Capability Mapping with Ric Merrifield

Ric Merrifield has spend the last 25 years helping organizations develop products that enhance their relationship with the customer. In this podcast Ric shares his approach to Capability Mapping, what makes it different from process mapping, how it can help an organization serve their customer better and why it is so important to Agile Transformation.

Show Notes

  • 00:09 Interview start
  • 00:30 Ric’s background
  • 03:19 Capability Mapping vs. Capacity Modeling
  • 03:42 Dave fails at mansplaining Capability Mapping
  • 03:58 Ric sets him straight on what it is and how it works
  • 06:47 Walking through an example – Capability Mapping for an airline
  • 10:15 Using the same scenario to understand the difference between Capability Mapping and Process Mapping
  • 11:33 Helping to remove the blinders… or crack their heads open and the getting a more durable lens
  • 13:45 How Capability Mapping will help you find the gaps in the organization, but process mapping will help you see the gaps in the workflow
  • 15:00 How often should we  revisit the capability maps? Durable does not mean “not changing”
  • 18:11 Different customers want different things. How do you decide which customer to serve?
  • 20:15 Dave is more high maintenance than Ric
  • 21:17 Do we track enough information about our customers to know how much they cost the company to retain? Is it okay to use this information to “serve” the customer
  • 23:09 How much personalization and customization is too much?
  • 25:51 How to get your organization started with Capability Mapping
  • 27:31 How does Capability Mapping fit with Agile?
  • 29:29 How much do organizations struggle with this level of transparency
  • 3-:48 Getting in touch with Ric

Getting In Touch with Ric

If you’d like to reach Ric, you can find him on the LeadingAgile site here:

Or via LinkedIn here

You can find Ric’s books here:

We’ll post the link to his TEDx talk as soon as it is live

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