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Student QA: Defining Done with Scrum in a Marketing Team with Derek Huether

Dave Prior
Reading: Student QA: Defining Done with Scrum in a Marketing Team with Derek Huether

In this episode of SoundNotes, LeadingAgile’s Derek Huether and Dave Prior tackle a student question about how Scrum works with Marketing. In a recent class, a student named Cherie explained that in the work her Marketing Team does, it isn’t possible to achieve “potentially shippable” at the end of a Sprint. The Team may finish the work and the Product Owner may accept it, but nothing can actually be “shippable” until after the client has had a chance to review a work item and provide feedback or approval

Show Notes

00:08 Interview Begins
00:26 An update on Derek’s upcoming events
01:30 Topic Introduction
01:59 Cherie’s Question about how Definition of Done works when you are using Scrum in Marketing if nothing can ship until after you have client approval
02:26 Derek and Dave respond
03:03 We’re going to have an argument here…
04:33 The difference between a more pure Definition of Done and potentially shippable vs. what often happens in the real world
05:23 Derek shares a story on his experience with this issue
07:24 Why you should not blame the client for not having total clarity on what they need
09:05 Is it a big deal if you can’t get “shippable” out of a sprint
09:48 It’s more important to get the customer something they can provide feedback on
10:20 Always be learning a little more than you knew yesterday
10:52 Derek’s advice for things Sheri could do to remedy the situation
11:48 Try to make a smarter decision tomorrow than you could today
12:15 Scrum is a feedback mechanism
12:31 Where to send your questions for LeadingAgile’s Student QA podcasts
13:11 Podcast Ends

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