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Working with Legacy Applications in Agile Transformation

Dave Prior Senior Consultant/CST-CRM Specialist
Reading: Working with Legacy Applications in Agile Transformation
Working with Legacy Applications in Agile Transformation

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In this episode of SoundNotes, LeadingAgile CTO, Matt Van Vleet and Principal Engineer, Daryl Kulak join Dave to talk about how LeadingAgile’s Studios takes on the technical work of Agile Transformation. One of the challenges many organizations face when trying to adopt Agile is how to address technical debt they must overcome in order to be able to create an environment that can support an Agile way of working.

Studios was created to serve as an accelerator that can provide both technical coaching and the development support your developers need to get up and running faster. During the interview, Matt and Daryl talk with Dave about the challenges inherent in organizational change and why so many transformations hinge on not simply providing the technical coaching to make sure your teams understand a better way of working. When the coaching is done, if you put them right back in the same old system that demands they work in the same old way, that new approach they just learned isn’t going to stick.

Studios can help with that.

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