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Considering Agile?

Let us show you how to safely and pragmatically introduce agile into any size organization

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Your Destination

Adopting agile is never about adopting agile practices. It’s not even about adopting an agile culture. While those things are important, if you don’t achieve better business outcomes, adopting agile is not worth the investment. Your journey toward greater business agility starts by identifying what outcomes are most important to your company’s success. This knowledge helps you lay a foundation for making decisions about how to tailor your approach and guide your transformation to measurably show progress toward your critical business objectives.

  • predictability


    Agile tends to focus on adaptability, but predictability is most often cited as the reason for an agile transformation.

  • quality


    As organizations scale, product quality often suffers. Agile focuses on quality from requirements through implementation.

  • early ROI

    early ROI

    Many organizations struggle with 18 month delivery cycles. Agile helps your team accelerate time to market and revenue.

  • lower costs

    lower costs

    Cost savings are tough to promise, but agile can help make sure you are only spending money on the features most likely to generate revenue.

  • Innovation


    As companies grow sometimes they slow down and lose the ability to innovate. Agile can help you get back your competitive edge.

  • Product Fit

    Product Fit

    Delivering on time is only important if you are delivering the right product. Agile can help you get the feedback you need.

Our Compass

We start by helping you take a look at what your company values from a planning perspective and comparing that against what your customer values from a delivery perspective. Organizations often find themselves operating in ways that don’t align with the goals of their customers. They might try to adopt agile to get things in sync, but end up out of alignment with how the rest of their company does business. Getting everyone working together is a process that can be planned and executed with clearly defined goals and measurable outcomes.

Discover how Agile you need to be

the journey

Far too often agile is sold as a predefined set of roles, artifacts, and ceremonies, and when those roles, artifacts, and ceremonies don’t work in your organization, it’s somehow your fault. The problem is that adopting agile is more about creating the conditions for agile to thrive rather than simply teaching people a new process or a new way of thinking. Adopting agile is about forming teams, building backlogs, and regularly producing working tested product increments. Transformation is about systematically removing barriers to making that happen.

Our approach to Agile Transformation the journey

the roadmap

Making the journey involves defining a team based organizational structure, a governance model to coordinate value, and a metrics strategy to guide and shape your transformation activities. We help you craft a pilot approach to exercise the structure, validate the framework, and challenge any assumptions made during planning. Metrics guide and inform our progress and help to shape the remainder of the transformation. Finally, we prepare your team with the knowledge and skills necessary to sustain the changes after our consultants have moved on.

The LeadingAgile change model

Our Resources

Our Services

LeadingAgile facilitates the process by providing a unique blend of service offerings designed to help you define, implement, and sustain your agile transformation. Consulting and Media provide the foundation to implement the LeadingAgile change management approach. Training and Talent help you build the necessary infrastructure to find, hire, and develop your people as the organization grows. Studios and Labs work side by side with you to sustain the change, build products, and create innovative new solutions for your market.

Ready to Go?

Ready to Go?

If you’re ready to get started, or even if you’d just like more information, the first step is to reach out and let us know you’d like to talk. Our team will setup a quick call to learn more about your organization, what you’d like to accomplish, as well as your budget and how soon you’d like to get started. Next we’ll put you on the phone with Mike, Dennis, or Jim to dive a little deeper into your goals and current challenges. If we both think there is an opportunity to help, next step is to get in a room to talk and explore our approach in more detail.

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We Are LeadingAgile

LeadingAgile is a company solely focused on, and extremely passionate about, leading change in large organizations. Our goal is to help improve real business outcomes through the use of lean/agile tools and techniques. We are building our company based on the same values and principles we teach our clients and are doing our best to create the kind of culture that will attract and retain the most talented people in the world. We are a work in progress. We are learning by doing. We are unafraid to push the envelope and try new things.
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