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LeadingAgile takes the mystery out of leading an agile transformation. We can explain why you may have struggled with agile in the past and what you can do differently next time to get better results. We believe in safe, incremental, pragmatic change and we are passionate about improving the business drivers executives repeatedly tell us are behind their desire to adopt agile in the first place.

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  • predictability


    Agile tends to focus on adaptability, but predictability is most often cited as the reason for an agile transformation.

  • quality


    As organizations scale, product quality often suffers. Agile focuses on quality from requirements through implementation.

  • early ROI

    early ROI

    Many organizations struggle with 18 month delivery cycles. Agile helps your team accelerate time to market and revenue.

  • lower costs

    lower costs

    Cost savings are tough to promise, but agile can help make sure you are only spending money on the features most likely to generate revenue.

the road map

Executives hire us because we have a credible point of view and a plan. We don’t start with culture and we don’t leave it up to you to figure out everything by yourself. We work with your team to develop a scaled agile delivery model specific to your organization, a pilot strategy to exercise the model and validate any assumptions, and a transformation plan for leading and sustaining change.

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We offer a package of coaching, training, and staff augmentation services wrapped within our cutting edge framework for leading large scale enterprise agile transformations. Our Compass and Our Roadmap make all the difference in how those services are brought to bear within your organization. Our team is always focused on business outcomes and leading sustainable change.

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let your journey begin...

let your journey begin...

If you’re ready to get started, or even if you’d just like more information, the first step is to reach out and let us know you’d like to talk. Our team will setup a quick call to learn more about your organization and what you’d like to accomplish. Next we’ll put you on the phone with Mike or Dennis to dive a little deeper. If we both think there is an opportunity to help, next step is to get in a room and talk.

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LeadingAgile is a group of people solely focused and extremely passionate about leading change in large organizations. We are building our company based on the same values and principles we teach our clients and are doing our best to create the kind of culture that will attract and retain the most talented people in the world. We are a work in progress. We are learning by doing. We are unafraid to push the envelope and try new things.
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