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Executive Team

  • Mike Cottmeyer

    Mike Cottmeyer

    Chief Executive Officer

    LeadingAgile co-founder and President, Mike Cottmeyer serves as our resident champion of core Agile values and principles. As a coach, he is an industry leader in enterprise focused Agile Training. Mike plays an extremely active role in the Agile community as a blogger, published writer, speaker, board member of the…

  • Dennis Stevens

    Dennis Stevens

    Chief Operations Officer

    Dennis Stevens has been helping organizations solve the challenges associated with product development in larger, more complex enterprises for over 25 years – leading major projects and Agile transformations in many global enterprises. He helped bring Agile to PMI: serving on the steering committee of the PMI Agile Certified Practitioner,…

  • Jardena London

    Jardena London

    Chief of Staff

    LeadingAgile Chief of Staff, Jardena London, brings over 20 years of experience as an entrepreneur, consultant and corporate leader. She has a track record of building successful teams and implementing creative solutions. As Chief of Staff, Jardena ensures that LeadingAgile’s vision translates into value for our clients. Jardena is dedicated…


  • Derek Huether

    Derek Huether

    With 25 years of experience as a United States Marine, start-up founder, project manager, and Federal Agency PMO Advisor, Derek is…

  • Rick Austin

    Rick Austin

    With over 20 years of software development experience, Rick comes to LeadingAgile as an expert in the financial services industry.…

  • Andrew Fuqua

    Andrew Fuqua

    Andrew joins the LeadingAgile team with over 25 years of experience in programming, managing and coaching. He has been using…

  • Dean Stevens

    Dean Stevens

    Dean is an Enterprise Agile Coach and his focus is on developing and managing agile requirements to delivering effective business…

  • Sandi Keller

    Sandi Keller

    Sandi Keller is an Agile Coach who is dedicated to solving problems, exploring new ideas, and navigating through change. With…

  • Isaac Hogue

    Isaac Hogue

    Isaac is an Enterprise Agile Coach with LeadingAgile. Prior to joining LeadingAgile he served in various leadership roles across both…

  • Tim Wise

    Tim Wise

    Tim Wise is an Enterprise Agile Coach, speaker, and avid Agile practitioner. He grew up in large, corporate America and…

  • Richard Hensley

    Richard Hensley

    Richard joins LeadingAgile after a long successful career at McKesson, where he demonstrated the ability to scale lean and agile…

  • Paul Sutton

    Paul Sutton

    Paul Sutton brings a unique flavor of practical approach and communication to team environments and a distinctive dedication to client…

  • Steve Povilaitis

    Steve Povilaitis

    Steve is a software industry veteran and former military officer with experience as a developer, analyst and manager at progressively…

  • Steve Colasinski

    Steve Colasinski

    With nearly 25 years of industry experience as a developer and manager/director of software development, Steve plays a vital role…

  • Jann Thomas

    Jann Thomas

    Jann Thomas is a 20-year veteran of the software industry.  She has worked as a developer, team lead and development…

  • Michael Robillard

    Michael Robillard

    Michael Robillard is a professional in the field of commercial software development with over 20 years of experience. During that…

  • Jim Magers

    Jim Magers

    Jim Magers has been helping organizations solve the challenges associated with product development for over 30 years. He has led…

  • Hillel Glazer

    Hillel Glazer

    Hillel Glazer is recognized as the world’s leading authority on introducing lean and agile concepts into the compliance-driven world.  He’s…

  • Robert Henson

    Robert Henson

    Robert is an Enterprise Agile Coach with a majority of his experience in the Insurance and Ad Sales industries.  He…

  • Pat Trigonoplos

    Pat Trigonoplos

    Pat Trigonoplos has provided executive and technology leadership for executing business unit and organization transformation in corporate venues for 15…

  • Jim Hayden

    Jim Hayden

    Jim Hayden brings over 25 years of leadership experience pragmatically solving complex problems and delivering tangible, bottom line results. The…

  • Chris Spagnuolo

    Chris Spagnuolo

    Chris Spagnuolo is an Enterprise Agile Coach at LeadingAgile. He brings over fifteen years of high-tech product management, engineering, and…

  • Naveed Ashraf

    Naveed Ashraf

    Naveed Ashraf joins the LeadingAgile Team after a successful career as a technologist, software developer, system architect & designer, CTO,…

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