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Managing Consultant

Derek Stanley has more than 25 years of experience in IT, consulting and managing technical projects in Government, Aviation, Finance, Publishing, and other sectors.

Throughout his career, Derek has helped many companies understand their goals and priorities leading to successful Agile Transformations. He has worked with large and small companies, managed a regional profit center, and started his own company.

Derek is an experienced consultant, accustomed to working with clients to boost value and facilitate change through methodology and technology. He is hands-on and results-driven, and his extensive operations and management experience enable him to relate to any level of leadership.

Derek joined LeadingAgile in 2018 after searching for approaches to Agile Transformation that focused on business goals and measurable results. He’s a big believer in creating outcome-based plans that build incrementally toward his clients’ goals. Derek is accustomed to working with Agile at scale and has worked with Development, Program, and Portfolio teams to bring predictability and reliability to the delivery process.

Additionally, he is an accomplished instructor and speaker; conducting Agile workshops and classes nationwide. He’s held a variety of certifications over the years, although he has allowed some of them to drop off his signature.