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Principal Consultant

Doug Spencer

Doug Spencer brings over 30 years of technology and product experience to LeadingAgile’s client engagements with a focus on team and executive coaching for large enterprises, interim executive services to accelerate growth or turnaround operations, building high-performance teams, as well as investor due diligence and transaction support. An expert on applying Agile principles and practices to transform product organizations, his experience and skill set in combination other Odd-e coaches help client companies map effective strategies that create sustainable competitive advantages.
Doug started his career at Intergraph as a software engineer creating groundbreaking GIS/MIS products and helping the company grow 5X to over $1B in revenue. Shortly thereafter he invented new non-mainframe products and was a leader in an international turnaround effort at Compuware, helping the company grow 6X to $1.6B.

Throughout the 2000’s Doug was active in numerous corporate turnarounds resulting in successful exits for each. He’s invented and brought to market several enterprise products and has experience with high-volume SaaS, shrink-wrapped software, CDNs, Internet appliances, and embedded systems development. Doug has established several offshore operations for Fortune 500 and smaller clients, built with an agile philosophy, achieving massive cost savings and improving time to market. As an Agile Coach, he’s worked with numerous large multinational firms to rationalize large development operations and in the process reduce cost and time to market. 
Whether an early stage or established company, Doug has the proven expertise to successfully scale, grow and restructure businesses.

For investors and portfolio companies, Doug can lead due diligence or prepare a company for a successful transaction.  For corporate leadership, he can assess an IT or Product Development organization to provide solutions that address missed deliveries, poor quality, inadequate product (SaaS) or IT infrastructure, team dynamics and communication, all with a track record of driving excessive cost out of an organization. His coaching and training are outcomes-based and creates robust cycles of continuous improvement in teams and the larger organization. Doug currently holds a CSM, PSM, PSD, CLT, and CLP.