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Principal Consultant

Heidi Musser

Heidi is passionate about “managing the soft side of technology” © through the adoption of new ways of working, thinking, and being—especially those that are fundamentally different than the ways of traditional project management.

She believes that Agile and Agile Transformations are about changing both organizational and human behavior, how we interact with one another, and helping you to uncover better ways of achieving your desired business outcomes.

As the world changes around you, Heidi understands it is imperative that your organization can adapt and respond. As an agent of change, she has committed herself to helping organizations achieve long-term, sustainable change—using Agile methodologies—so that they may stay competitive and relevant.

Heidi earned her Executive MBA and B.A. in Accounting from Michigan State University and is a graduate of the Design Thinking Boot Camp at the Institute of Design at Stanford’s and SIM’s Regional Leadership Forum at Babson College.

After graduating, Heidi’s career started in the public sector as an Assistant Finance Director for Ingham County in Michigan. After meeting Rear Admiral Grace Murray—who inspired Heidi to take chances— she started a career in the IT industry as a senior executive. She’s since spent more than 30 years leading and advising businesses on designing new operating and engagement models to drive digital transformation and achieve enterprise Agility. Her experience spans multiple industries, and she’s found success and delivered extraordinary results in a wide variety of business models. She’s held the titles of CPO, COO, and most recently, CIO at USAA.

Heidi is an integral leader and change agent who secures an organization’s place at the forefront of the industry. She’s recognized for creating cultures of empowerment, diversity, and inclusion. As an SVP and Executive Consultant at LeadingAgile, she gets to work with another one of her passions—people. One of the earliest lessons she learned in the industry was that people are more important than technology. Because technology is about change and change is about people, Transformations can become very frustrating. However, Heidi will meet you where you are and usher in a safe environment for pragmatic and incremental change that is focused on enterprise sustainability and helping your organization achieve its desired business outcomes.

When Heidi isn’t championing Agile within organizations, you can find her championing Agile out in the Agile community.   She is currently a Board Member of the Agile Alliance and was the co-creator of the Agile Alliance webinar series The Agile Mindset and Enterprise Agility—which is all about business Agility. Heidi has also been a guest blogger on the Agile Alliance website and a member of the Agile Alliance’s Supporting Agile Adoption Program since 2014. She Co-Chaired their Executive Forum in both 2013 and 2014. At the forefront of championing women in Agile her whole career, she was nominated to STEMconnectors list of 100 Diverse Corporate Leaders in STEM in 2014.

Heidi was also featured at TEDxSanAntonio where she delivered her TED talk entitled: Agile is Change.