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Principal Consultant

Julianne Jones

Julianne has over 14 years of experience consulting with Fortune 500 companies and she’s considered to be an expert in the field of Lean-Agile.  Her expertise also includes catalyzing future-proof strategies for international companies transitioning to Agile. As an Enterprise Transformation Consultant, Julianne is well-versed in working with executive leadership to enable the adoption of Agile principles and practices across an organization.

Julianne was brought on as an Agile Transformation and Change Management consultant at one of Canada’s largest providers of telecommunications, entertainment and healthcare solutions. There, she was instrumental in developing and leading a strategy to transition from Waterfall to Agile for an IT organization of over 250 people—affecting over 500 stakeholders. Additionally, she also developed an internal coaching competency and mentored 16 Agile coaches that would go on to help facilitate a broader Agile adoption and ensure Transformation sustainability. Then later during her time at large financial institution based in Toronto, Julianne provided coaching to the senior leadership team to support the acquisition and development of Agile product development strategies and leadership practices to help the organization transition to further agility.   Additionally, Julianne partnered with the Agile Center of Excellence to design role-specific Agile competency development strategies to develop the internal capabilities necessary to becoming a self-sustaining Agile organization.

Julianne is a Transformational executive who builds world-class teams that consistently deliver extraordinary business outcomes quickly, efficiently, frequently, and reliably.  She’s passionate about helping her clients transition from episodic to continuous value management and developing product-driven, customer-centric learning organizations. Julianne partners with her clients to drive successful business outcomes from the product design and delivery phases to enterprise-wide Agile adoption.