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Senior Consultant

Kevin McCoy

Kevin has over 20 years of executive and management experience in both technology and operations – both in industry and consulting organizations. While attempting to improve corporate software and application delivery in 2012, he was first exposed to the world of Agile. For his first foray into the space, Kevin transformed a mid-sized IT shop to Agile and has not looked back since. He has had roles as a Scrum Master, Product Owner and Agile Coach over the last decade. Some of the companies he has worked for include: Pepsi Cola, Walt Disney, Marriott Vacations and Hard Rock.

No matter the position, Kevin focuses on delivering results through individual and organizational change. He approaches change by aligning the head (understand it), heart (believe in it) and the hand (doing it consistently). He believes people aren’t afraid of change, they are afraid of failing at it. His servant leadership approach helps teams and organizations alike, plan, accept and excel at change. With his diverse background, in both industries and functional areas, Kevin adapts his approach to create practical solutions to real business issues. He is passionate about process improvement and change; understanding it, managing it, coaching it and delivering it for client organizations.