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Managing Consultant

Lee Wiesehuegel

Lee Wiesehuegel has over 20 years of experience in the IT industry. He’s held roles ranging from Business Analyst & Developer to Project & Program Management. Lee believes that for an Agile Transformation to be successful, both the teams and leadership need to be able to understand how to work in an Agile manner with a foundation of Servant Leadership. Whether it be the technical developer, operational team member, first-line leader, or Senior Executive, Lee is willing to engage at all levels and help get your organization excited about their Agile Journey.

Lee recently acted as a Transformation Leader or the IT organization of one of the world’s largest IT companies, where he managed a $20M+ budget and had the opportunity to see many ways of working in all manners of scale—from single teams to programs in the thousands. Regardless of scale, Lee is proficient in seeing the patterns that make Agile stick and is passionate about showing both teams and leadership alike how to recognize and embrace the good stuff, develop good habits to support a new way of working, and enable the mindset of the enterprise to be a place where each person is proud to say “This is a place that I want to work.”

Lee knows that individuals, teams, and leaders must understand WHY it is essential to change the way they work so that the organization can become an enterprise whose values and principles drive their daily execution and enable strategy.