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Managing Consultant

Maggie has over 20 years of technical, management, and executive experience in software—both in product and consulting organizations. Shortly after becoming a software engineer, in 1998, she was introduced to the world of Agile, in the form of Extreme Programming. Since then, she’s held the roles of Agile Software Engineer, Agile Coach, Architect, Director, as well as executive roles at various organizations. Some of the companies that Maggie has worked for include: VersionOne, AgileCraft,  Digital Focus, and ShopperKit.

Regardless of the company, or her position, Maggie has carried the same guiding principles throughout her career. Those principles are that of servant leadership. She believes that if you hire the right people, provide them the support they need, remove impediments, and get out of the way—on the other side, you’ll get a highly functional team that’s passionate about their work. Maggie is  keenly aware that trust is the currency that successful organizations are built on and that people are valued contributors—not merely resources.

Some of Maggie’s deepest passions include growing and mentoring high performing teams, creating Lean organizational processes, and being able to help define strategic product direction and feature design.