Rachel Howard

Chief Cultural Officer

Rachel Howard is a collaborative and innovative HR professional with 17 years of experience working in IT and business consulting services. Her passion is talent engagement and development — Connecting Companies, People and Clients to a common, cohesive vision. Over the course of her career she has experienced numerous roles and positions and during this time she has been able to work with multiple organizations whose philosophy has been to hire great people and allow them to learn and grow. Rachel is skilled at working with executive level leadership to provide business value through people and HR solutions. She has extensive experience in talent acquisition and engagement, including the facilitation of: leadership and management development, talent retention, HR process redesign and organization effectiveness efforts across organizations and with clients. With her distinct strengths in talent and HR strategy development, employee engagement and retention solutions, and data-based decision making Rachel makes a great asset to the LeadingAgile Executive Team.  

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Getting Hired in Agile


It’s no secret that Agile is becoming more and more mainstream. Some might even say that it’s crossed the chasm and is considered to be the preferred method of software […]

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