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Senior Consultant

Vic has been working with teams in technology since the late 1990s and has fond memories of the Y2K Bug. As a coach, scrum master and project manager, Vic’s mission has always been to help teams succeed by communicating more effectively with teammates, stakeholders, and others. Vic demonstrates a facilitative approach to team learning and growth, and his long experience as a trainer provides a degree of credence.

Vic began his professional career as a webmaster in Detroit, quickly learning and moving through a range of developer roles. Since business school, he’s focused on management - first as a traditional PMP in large enterprises; before long coaching agile principles at organizations of various sizes and industries.

The Agile community of southern California holds a special place in his heart. Since 2012, Vic has been running a bi-monthly lean coffee meetup in Irvine, CA, and he’s been the main facilitator (holding space) for all southern California Agile Opens (SoCal & San Diego) for over four years. Vic has presented at conferences and events worldwide, and he was co-chair of the 2017 Global Scrum Gathering in San Diego. His semi-professional brand and podcast is Agile Coffee.

Outside of his Agile mission, Vic enjoys many hobbies such as record collecting, learning languages, cheering on his hometown NFL team, and generally being outdoors. He especially enjoys working in his yard. Although Vic dreams of becoming an avid reader, he listens to far too many podcasts to have the time.

Vic is a CST with the Scrum Alliance. He received an MFA (Filmmaking) from Ohio University and an MBA from the University of Southern California. He lives in Orange County with his wife and daughter.

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